Lot 7 - Moreno Ms. Lady Ruthie Marie

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ABBA# 995525

IVF Aspiration

RED ALERT!!! Don’t you just love this female?! Moreno Ms. Lady Ruthie Marie 398/2 is one of the biggest bodied and boldest sprung of the females that we have in our herd here at Lee’s Cattle Company.

Ruthie Marie has been successfully campaigned over the past 2 years picking up many division and class wins all over the southeast. She has so much mass and rib shape about her, but she is still clean and level down her topline which is very impressive. When you step in behind her you just love how she gets out and travels with having her head and neck tie in so perfectly. Not only is Ruthie Marie well-built, but she is backed by some of the most proven genetics in the brahman breed.

Her sire is +BB Bronson 299/3 who was the sire of the 2020 International Champion Bull, Moreno Mr. Rudolph.

The dam to Ruthie Marie is TTT Ms. Suva Jordette 606 who was a many time show winner for the Tic Tac Toe Ranch, but most importantly is a natural calf out of the 2009 Reserve International Champion +TTT Ms. Suvette Marti 390 and JDH Jordan Manso who’s semen is rarely available.

For those who are looking for a DONOR to flush that was a proven show heifer Ruthie Marie has all the right parts and pieces to cross with any bull in the breed grey or red!

She ranks in the top of the breed for the important traits of growth, carcass, and fertility. You can’t go wrong with the elite genetic package no matter what your
objective is. Don’t miss out on Moreno Ms. Lady Ruthie Marie 398/2!! 

Special Notes - We are selling (1) IVF aspiration guaranteeing six transferable/freezable embryos produced from conventional or seller approved sexed/reverse sorted semen, with the work to be done at a facility approved by the seller.

The buyer will be responsible for all costs associated with IVF procedures, including travel/hauling to the IVF facility.

No guarantee if semen is sexed or reverse sorted unless you get the seller's approval before use.

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