Lot 2: SAC Blackcap May 2316

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SAC Emblynette 2316

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*This very unique Doc Ryan daughter is the #1 205 day weight female of her calf crop. Deep ribbed, lots of volume, easy fleshing heifer with great eye appeal and loads of maternal pedigree.

*Her 2-year-old Governor dam, SAC Blackcap May 0316, is one of our favorites. She’s a very docile, beautiful uddered, heavy milking young cow with great motherly traits carried on from her dam and granddam.

Her grand-dam, SAC Blackcap May 7316, is a gorgeous Regard daughter. She’s powerfully uddered, perfect footed, paving her way as a first year donor at SAC. She’s top 1% weaning, top 2% yearling, and top 10% milk. SAV Regard sired daughters have proven to be SAC’s secret weapon to create the perfect blend of maternal superiority.  

Her 3rd dam, SAV Blackcap May 7306, is a 15 year old pathfinder, natural daughter out of the famous SAV Blackcap May 4136. Maternal sister to Resource, Renoun, Recharge, President, Rainfall, Raindance, Governor, Rain master, Reign, Pedigree, Seedstock, Sensation, and Revolution. 7306 has been in the SAC flush program for over 6 years.  

Fun fact: Did you know, much of 2316’s heritage was raised up on Nebraska soil! Other than Resource, Renoun, and Recharge, all of 7306’s brothers mentioned above were raised at Scott Angus Cattle in Belgrade, NE. Even, 2316’s great grandsire, SAV Regard 4863, was raised here too!

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Doc Ryan Special Feature 

SAC is offering an unheard of special feature – five daughters out of the $525k record setting bull, T/D Doc Ryan 049 at TD Angus! He has a time tested and proven cow family behind him, impeccable phenotype, accentuated by incredible internal soundness and superior performance and ratios from a large contemporary group. He ranks in the top 1% of non-parent sires for WW, YW,CW, $W, $F, $B, and $C. 

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